Indigo blue dye master. 

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love you, leslie! 😘
jtb: i knew you were anti-nipple…
girrrrlll: i totally forgot to put how i’m a godless man-hater!

someone who was clearly way too far back in my archives pointed out that i used to a: post an occasional FAQ of sorts AND b: that i stopped mid 365 day challenge.

re: b… well, it just felt forced and so i dropped it.

re: a… alas… i might revive that. honestly… after april, i just sort of closed off for awhile… but the usuals are about how many followers i have, etc. and there are always the not so nice ones that i just don’t really bother with responding… and my favorite are the announcements of being unfollowed… they make me chuckle…

so for those people who’ve asked how i got so many followers (the answer is always “i have no idea? tumblr addiction?”) here’s a quick trip down the lane of why people have unfollowed me: supporting guns, not supporting guns, too liberal, not liberal enough, vegan food, not vegan food, too many brown people, buddhism, god, liking kinfolk, not liking kinfolk enough, ferguson, the redskins, tibet, palestine-or any other suggestion that muslims are very much people just like the rest of us, gifs, cats, dogs, posting pics of my family, funny things or worse funny gifs, reblogging things from “gay people” (which was one of my personal favorites), sex and, of course, nipples… actually… i’m kinda proud of that list…


Iceland by LauraJayneAustin on Flickr.
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Charlotte Hardy
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